Our methodology is designed for anyone at any fitness level. Our workouts transform the mind, body, and spirit, and focus on a challenging, realistic, and measurable journey toward big, holistic change.

Real, happy people, no fitness models were used in this video, just people like you and me

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Erica Featherston

"I'm a mom, wife, and I work in a very stressful environment. CrossFit Irvine provides me with the "me" time I need to get away from it all, de-sress and do something good for myself"

Karla Bland

"Thank you CrossFit Irvine for allowing members to feel apart of a community and getting into shape so much fun.”

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How big goals are achieved?

Most people who want to get better — at parenting, negotiating with clients, programming or any other field of endeavor — seek out new information. They read a book, take a class, hire an expert tutor.

But what we have learned at CrossFit Irvine from working with thousands of Orange County residents, this “outside-in” approach often doesn’t produce the results people want.

More information becomes a distraction rather than a solution, and you end up feeling let down and disappointed both in the program and yourself.

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Lost 28lbs

Happy Healthy and Strong

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Super Mom

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